Wei Wu

Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Southern California,
Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90089.

WeiWuWei Wu graduated from Peking University with a BS in Physics in 1996, and received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 2003. He joined the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California as an associate Professor January, 2012. Before joining USC, he had worked as research associate, scientist and senior scientist at HP labs. His work includes the first nanoimprint-fabricated optical negative index meta-material at 1.55 micron range, the first optical modulation using negative index meta-material at near-IR, the first third harmonic generation using meta-material, crossbar memory (i.e. memristor) and logic circuits with the record high densities, highly sensitive surface enhanced Raman sensors fabricated using 3-D nanoimprint, the first room-temperature working single electron memory and the first large area bit-patterned magnetic media fabricated using nanoimprint. He coauthored 83 peer reviewed journal papers, 2 book chapters and more than 90 conference presentations, including 14 keynote and invited presentations. He has 66 granted US patents and 52 pending applications. Half of them were also filed internationally. He is a co-editor of Applied Physics A and an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology. He is also an IEEE nanotechnology council 2015 distinguished lecturer.