Information for TOC Graphical Abstract

Each manuscript must include an abstract graphic for the table of contents (TOC). The Graphical Abstract should capture the essence of the article without providing specific results, so that the readers can determine the content and importance of the manuscript at a single glance.
The graphical abstract submitted for the TOC is used for multiple purposes, including the online contents list, the online search result list, and promotional dissemination of papers published in TNANO. However, it will not appear in the article PDF file or print.
A TOC Graphical Abstract should be a one-image file to capture the readers’ attention and should provide the readers a quick, concise, pictorial, and visual summary of the main findings of the article:

  • The Graphical Abstract should be a carefully drawn figure in the form of a structure, chart, graph, scheme, or other informative illustration, or a combination.
  • It should be simple and relatively free of text and technical characters. Complex structure schemes and small-sized details should be avoided.
  • The use of color is encouraged for visual impact.
  • The author must submit a Graphical Abstract at the actual size for the TOC to fit the area of:
    • No larger than 3.25 inches X 1.75 inches (i.e., ~ 8.26 cm X ~ 4.45 cm).
  • The type size of labels, formulae, and numbers within the graphic must be legible to avoid the reader from straining to read it. Also, the type should be of high quality in order to reproduce well:
    • Font type: A sans-serif font type such as Arial and Helvetica.
    • Font Size: Preferably at 8 pt. but no smaller than 6 pt.
  • The preferred file type is:
    • TIFF at 300 dpi for color, or
    • TIFF at 1200 dpi for black and white.
  • The TOC Graphical Abstract should be the last page of the manuscript under the title of “TOC Graphical Abstract”. However, do not use a heading of “TOC Graphical Abstract” within the image.