Mattias Borg

Department of Electrical and Information Technology,
Lunds Universitet
Box 118, Lund, Skåne 221 00, Sweden

Mattias Berg Photo Mattias Borg received a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics from the Lund Institute of Technology in 2007, and a PhD degree in Physics from the same institution in 2012. Since then, he has been with IBM Research – Zürich, first as a post-doctoral researcher and since 2014 as permanent Research Staff Member. He is now Senior lecturer at Nano Electronics in Department of Electrical and Information Technology at Lunds University. His research focuses on the epitaxial integration of III-V nanostructure devices with Si CMOS, and specifically include the synthesis and processing of Sb-based nanostructures, tunnel field-effect transistors and high-speed III-V CMOS.