Katsuaki Suganuma

Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research,
Osaka University
Mihogaoka 8-1, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0047, Japan

He received the degree of Dr. Engineer from Tohoku University in 1982. He became a research assistant of ISIR (Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research), Osaka University in 1982, an associate professor of National Defense Academy in 1986, and a professor of ISIR of Osaka University in 1996. He was the director of Nanotechnology Center in 2007-2009 and was the deputy director of ISIR in 2010-2012. He has worked on lead-free soldering, conductive adhesive, power electronics packaging and printed electronics and published several books both on lead-free soldering and on printed electronics. He is currently in charge of the several projects such as Conductive adhesive testing methods standardization (JEITA), Printed electronics standardization IEC TC119 Japan committee (JEITA), Chairman of Printed Electronics on Circuits (JPCA) and WGB system integration consortium.