The following page limits and mandatory charge have been approved by the NTC ExCom and will become operational for manuscripts submitted starting with July 1st 2021:

  1. TNANO publishes Regular Papers and Research Letters. Regular Papers are 4 to 6 printed pages in length and Research Letters are 3 printed pages in length.
  2. A mandatory over-length page charge is applicable on all Regular Papers and Research Letters exceeding 6 and 3 Transactions pages, respectively.
  3. Regular Papers and Research Letters can exceed the 6 and 3 Transactions pages with up to 6 and 1 extra pages, respectively. This charge is $175 per page for each page over the first 6 and 3, respectively, based on the final typeset length and not on the manuscript length, and it is a prerequisite for publication.

For potential author’s convenience these changes have been reflected into “Info for Authors” and “Procedure Manual”.